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Dubai is renowned worldwide for being the “City of the Future,” and there is no better place to make your dreams come true by commencing your journey here to find your ultimate partner in love…

We're passionate about bringing like-minded professionals together

With over 15 years working in Dubai (via NY, Boston, Miami, LA, Paris, Seoul, and London) as a serial entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and international beauty expert, Eiléen and her Dubai Matchmaker™ team are passionate about bringing like-minded professionals together in Dubai’s unique melting pot of educated elite. We aim to bring curated love and personal fulfillment into this world- one success story at a time. 

Dubai Matchmaker™ provides discreet matchmaking, practical dating services, and a host of other tools for mature singles who are serious about finding lasting companionship and dating with intention. 

We take the time to personally meet and screen all potential matches to ensure they meet each client’s discerning criteria. We’ll then guide you on all your first dates while providing detailed feedback, coaching, and guidance to elevate your dating experience into a life-changing journey of self-discovery and growth.


Are you ready to fall in love?

Our exclusive matchmaking service was created to help you find a truly compatible life partner- not just someone who looks great on the outside but someone that also shares your deepest-held values and outlook on life. Together, we will work on any anxiety, self-doubt, or obstacles that prevent you from attaining your ultimate relationship goals. 

Let us be your experienced guide in the most important adventure you will ever undertake and where the sky is the limit when it comes to matters of the heart!


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