Eiléen Lee-Connor


Certified Matchmaker & Dating Coach

Originally from New York, Eiléen has had a long multi-disciplined entrepreneurial career working with startups and media for several decades. Since 2007, she has spent the majority of her time in the Middle East as a marketing expert focused on personal branding, thought leadership, and strategic partnerships across sectors and for busy executives. Early in her career, Eiléen worked on high-profile celebrities, taught on the expert stage, managed teams backstage for fashion shows, and contributed to multiple media outlets as a London-certified pro makeup artist and Beauty Expert. 

She studied Fashion and majored in Sociology at Boston University and competed in pageants for the Miss New York/ USA title. Like many expats, she has made nine different major cities around the world her home before settling in Dubai and becoming a solo mother during the pandemic. 

Through her multicultural half Korean and half American heritage, she has witnessed many of her close family members’ successful marriages arranged by professional matchmakers. Her own natural ability to bring like-minded people together led her to become a global scout for an elite London/NY-based agency 6 years ago before earning her certification and launching this much-needed service to the many ambitious expat professionals looking for serious, lasting relationships that make their life complete.

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"My job is to study other people’s relationships."
- Eiléen

As an internationally certified matchmaker, we are part of the prestigious Global Love Network and certified by the Matchmaking Institute, a community of professional matchmaking recruiters and experienced dating coaches in every corner of the world. Before joining, every Dubai Matchmaker™ member is vetted to ensure we only work with clients ready to make a long-term love commitment in Dubai and elsewhere.

Co-Founded by celebrity matchmaker Carmelia Ray, award-winning Dating Coach Hunt Ethridge, and Love & Relationship Coach to the stars, Michelle G., the Matchmaking Academy‘s mission is to provide an advanced training and mentorship certification program that has certified love professionals like Dubai Matchmaker with the most up-to-date education and skills to prosper, profit, and positively impact the Love Industry. Graduates are encouraged to adapt and innovate while continuously collaborating as love professionals and relationship coaches as their grow their services anywhere in the world.

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