how we work

Tailored to your needs

Our expert advice and insights are designed to help you grow. Throughout this in-depth process, you will understand what you should be doing and looking for in your ideal partner. Most of our members are highly successful, meaning they have earned academic achievements, traveled extensively, possess creative or artistic skills, are committed to philanthropy, or run top businesses. All members recognize self-development and improvement as necessary to achieving deeper human connections.


Schedule a Consultation
Describe yourself and your dating history, and define your ideal partner. Together, we will work towards achieving your goals.


Recruitment & Vetting
Once you’ve become a client, we will search our exclusive offline network of single men and women to review potential matches with you. We’ll schedule your dates only for the most desirable and credible singles — with complete discretion.


Date Coordination
Leave the planning to us! After receiving a brief profile of your match, the Dubai Matchmaking team will coordinate your dates based on your schedule and venue preferences.


Date Feedback
Your feedback is essential for us to understand how to improve our introductions. Your comments and critiques provide valuable insight into how we can perfect our matchmaking process and fine-tune your search. 

Are you Ready to fall in love?

Let us be your experienced guide in the most important adventure you will ever undertake and where the sky is the limit when it comes to matters of the heart!