Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! We are part of a Global Love Network of successful professional matchmakers covering nearly every metropolitan city worldwide and even in more suburban areas, no matter where you create your home.

Matchmaking has existed for centuries in every culture but has shifted to adapt to more modern relationship ideals combining technology, research, and instincts. A matchmaker is a motivator, coach, networker, and innovative strategist introducing singles to romantic partners.

Never. Your information will only be accessible to our vetted team of matchmakers who adhere to the highest discretion, confidentiality, and ethics standards.

Unlike impersonal online algorithms, we actively tailor every match specifically for you based on professional consultations and our unique matchmaking methodology.

We will sit down with you and conduct a Compatibility Profiling session. This is where we get to know and understand what you are looking for. Whether you desire a partner for marriage or life, we want a clear idea of the kind of person you feel you would be the most compatible with before we begin our search. We will then find people we believe to be compatible with you, liaising with you throughout the process.

Not necessarily. We cater to clients of all ages and stages who are serious about finding a suitable life partner to build a future. This can lead to marriage for some, while others prefer to commit to other ways. As long as both adult parties share the same values, we consider this a successful pairing.

As a Private Member, the first step is to complete your detailed dating profile, followed by a one-on-one session with your matchmaker. From there, most clients expect you to see potential matches within ten to fourteen days, with a first introduction or date arranged soon after.

We offer six and 12-month memberships tailored to each client’s requirements. The goal is for you to connect and match with someone as early as possible so you can focus on building a future together; however, there is no substitute for time when creating lasting trust.

Matchmakers can only provide introductions based on your ideal partner; however, you must build the relationship. We will help you get into the right headspace for a relationship, create a viable dating strategy, and support you as necessary. Still, ultimately, YOU need to decide for yourself where you invest your energy and time into finding a life partner.