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LinnetCorporate Finance
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"Eiléen has been superb at easing me back into the world of dating, making sure that I’m at my best, and taking care that I meet the right kind of men (and not the wrong ones!)."
DamianCreative Director
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"I've known Eiléen professionally and personally for a long time and have always appreciated her practical advice and candor when it comes to dating. She is trustworthy, empathetic, and can help you keep focused on your ultimate relationship goals."
HeidiArt Advisor
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"Eiléen is an experienced and successful matchmaker. Her innate ability to connect with people, deep social network and keen social skills give her a major advantage in forging happy, lasting connections. And the proof is there- she introduced me to my husband not once, but twice! I am very fortunate to have a sister who stuck by me to bring the right person into my life. I have been happily married and we now have a beautiful son together. I highly recommend her to find your companion too!!"
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"Navigating the dating world these days can be nothing short of confusing and challenging, especially at a more mature stage in life! So, finding Eiléen and her Matchmaking services recently has been a stroke of luck! As well as being so easy to get on with, she really listens, has amazing dating advice and a very interesting database of like-minded potential matches. If you’re on the fence about taking the plunge with matchmakers, go for it and give Eileen a call!"
RochelleCultural Arts
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"Since I moved here from the US, Eileen has been a savvy, trusted advisor on navigating both the brilliance and nuances of Dubai to help me make genuine, purposeful connections. Eileen gives personal attention to detail, masterfully parlaying her local knowledge, connections, and actionable counsel. Most importantly, I have confidence in her discernment of mature relationships I want to cultivate here, so am excited about the possibilities ahead with her professional service"
AmyC-level Executive & Entrepreneur
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“Eiléen not only understands timing and synchronicity, she sees the oft-overlooked personal nuances that can lead to a harmonious, balanced, and fruitful partnership.”
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“I wasn’t the first and surely not the last. Perfect match. Changed my life and happily married for ten years. How does she always know? Spot on.”

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